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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> reporter: what makes this so unusual is this is not a law enforcement agency. this is deals with stuff like food stamps or cash assistance for the poor. here are some of the images of what the police seized. dozen was handguns, ten was thousands of ammunition. 45 gun, 84,000 rounds of ammo were taken. these weapons were stored in several locations through
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enforcement officers. degs officials were unavailable to speak on camera today. a spokeswoman told me there have been numerous threats made against the office. one state lawmaker says that's no excuse for this agency to be stockpiling arms like this. >> seriously, to have 80,000 rounds of ammunition in a locker room? an agency whose purpose is to serve the poor? that's just shoc what are you defending yourself against besid you've got that level of a police force? >> reporter: other state ag >> a report over the summer by
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body armor and ammo. the irs spent more than $10 million on military equipment. noaa spent more than a million dollars, even the smithsonian spent more than $300,000. the d.a. at the top of the list, the biggest spender, at more than $11. the state representative who pleaded guilty to fraud has been sentenced to one year of probation. she was also ordered to serve community service. she was accused of fraudulently obtaining benefits. she dropped an election bid after being indicted. state route 77 between
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this huge chunk fell onto the road. one of the workers standing there, that's how big the block is. it's 1 a chandler family says don't you dare. >> an armed snowman and a unique signs are bold warnings to stay away. the >> reporter: the traditional holiday season has a relevant new look. especially at this family's chandler home. >> we smile and laugh. >> reporter: not just for neighbors. >> i hear it's getting really bad. the lights off their bushes getting stolen. >> stealing this light is not worth your life. a snowman with the rifle. >> reporter: and this armed frosty. >> just tells them we own a
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we don't want anything stolen or anyone getting hurt. >> reporter: to be extra certain nothing is taken, lights are secured with electrical tape, and this laser light, a popular target for crooks, is covered in zip ties. >> i know it's a little redneck but the neighbors get a kick of it. >> it should be. it's a hit. we look neighborhood. >> we work hard for our money. >> reporter: when it comes to a stance against crooks, proudly let it show show. >> it's the christmas season, it's not the season of stealing, taking. >> reporter: the family is thinking about taking the sign down because it's got so much
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there is a chance you'll be deck the halls of two holiday staples, candles and trees can be fire risks. candles put too close to drapes or any other fabric can cause a fire and it can happen in seconds, and not watering a christmas tree also poses a danger, especially if it's lebrated with lights -- decorated with lights. it can cause the tree to catch fire and spread through your house within 30 seconds. >> no exposed wires, the sockets are not improper. anything that looks funny about the light, throw them out and get a new set. >> and parent who is have young kids, place small ornaments out of their reach so they don't put them in their mouth. and keep an eye on fragile or glass decorations. breaks can cause cuts and scratches and injurie december
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most people shopping. >> dave cherry has your best buys for december and the items you may want to take a pass on this month. >> you can wait till january on some. november and black friday offer the best deals on many items, deals on these websites say december has better savings on some things. gift cards are a better value this month than last. many restaurants will likely be offering cards for $45. last year papa john's and applebee's had huge promotions. december is the best month to find discounts on itunes gift cards. december is also excellent for tools and hardware deals. big discounts on power drills, wrenches and more. they see their biggest discounts in the year after christmas,
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tv deals are be deals are not very good december. but they're better than they're going to be in upcoming month. clothing and shoe sales could be awesome this year. 92% off selected items. the consumer electronics show in january. wait for new models to be announced and grab saves on the the better time to buy exercise equipment and aa, apparel. you will see 50% more clearance sales in december. if you can't wait
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clothing after christmas -- buy your winter clothing after christmas. thousand was google
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thousands of google accounts have been breached. >> they traced malware back to a gid looking app on old android phones. it can access data from gmail or google photos.
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the hatchimals trade. the only issue is they're buying fakes or not getting anything at all. whole foods is celebrating national cookie nestli's says it will cut the amount of sugar in its chocolate by 40% without affecting the taste. they have new technology which allows them to hollow out the sugar crystals. salen -- celina the most of any celebrity at 100 million. teens waiting to see if they got accepted to college
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thousands of high school seniors are often checking the mailbox this time of year for college acceptance letters. schools in wisconsin might find out on their smart phones. university of wisconsin is sending students a snapchat when they have been admitted, meaning they'll get news faster than ever before. >> they would definitely get a snap before the mai immediately. >> they will also receive the traditional letter but it will arrive a few weeks after that. christmas is around the cornern and if you wanted to buy everything in the 12 days of christmas song it's going to cost you more. this year nine of the 12 gifts stayed at the same price or get cheaper. the two turtle doves increased from $299 to $375.
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>> drummers drumming! >> went down from last year. total cost of all the $34,363. so that's up but really. aren't the five golden rings all you want from that song? maybe the tree. [ laughter ] think the drummers need an inflation increase at least. [ laughter ] larry fitzgerald ising another great season. on the hook for another 1,000. >> and he gives the cardinals some hope that they can win out and mak
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known for >> most guys if you just ignore them, nobody likes talking to themselves. [ laughter ] >> it's kind of weird. [ laughter ] for all those counting on rob gronkowski to lead fantasy teams to championships, forget surgery on friday for a herniated disk. the arizona coyotes remember the western conference finals kings. arizona slowly working its way to being a playoff contender. l.a. rolls into the valley winning 5 of the last six.
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19.2 points coming off a loss to the sharks. >> similar to the kings a physical feeling, really strong in the center. same old stuff. tiger woods making his long way chip shot, chipping is not here. bogeys that hill and
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post it on instagram. hundreds of millions use the ap. the most snargd places in the world -- instagramed places in
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another cool day today. look at this picture. thanks for watching. this is snowbowl, sunrise. gorgeous. temperatures up north, 37 degrees in flagstaff. 42 in prescott. a few clouds passing by. light snow showers as you can see the morning, we're gonna see some cloud cover pass by for friday. and it's a disturbance through the afternoon and evening hours. 7:00, snow showers along the rim again.
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globe. the 7-day planner, driving up north, i-17, flagstaff, mid-30s through saturday. things warm up sunday. cool back down with another chance of snow in the forecast monday, tuesday. our forecast, we're gonna warm up over the weekend. looking pretty nice. mid-60s for friday. above average tem another round of c and tuesday. a new survey from aaa shows most drivers don't trust mechanics. >> the big question is of course why. >> reporter: nick spends a lot of time and money ride. >> it's been recalibrated. >> reporter: he doesn't trust repairs to just anyone.
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we chat a little bit. make sure they're not -- nothing shady is going on. >> reporter: for many drivers, finding a trusted mechanic is tricky. a new survey found two out of three drivers don't trust oolt repair shops in general -- auto repair shops in general. 76% believe repair shops recommend unnecessary services, and 73% believe mechanics overcharg >> on the other hand a majority of the drivers had found a trusted mechanic. so even though in general they don't trust repair shops, they do have a trusted high countryic. >> reporter: age is a factor. older drivers are more trusting than younger drivers. >> older drivers have had more experience with repairs and have been taking vehicles to repair shobs for a longer time -- shops for a longer time.
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recommends research. >> i do have a lot of friends calling and saying this is a good price? this is necessary? >> reporter: a quick call like that could save you money. your top story: two tucson police officers in the department tonight -- hospital tonight, shot trying to arrest a man with a warrant. one officer is in critical condition. the other is doing suspect was killed. surprise police are investigating a suspicious death. someone discovered a man's body near san ysidro road last night. detectives are not sure if he died where he was found or if he was dumped there. a report of drug activity, police may have uncovered a human smuggling operation. it happened at 67th and mcdowell last night. when officers checked out the house, they
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homeland security has been brought in to investigate. one year of probation and 100 hours for a state representative who pleaded guilty to fraud. >> that will do it for us at 5:00. >> scott is up next with the
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president-elect already on the job. with the deal that saved hundreds of them. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> pelley: also tonight, vice president-elect on donald trump shifting positions on immigration and prosecuting hillary clinton. did he just say those things to get elected? a so-called magical treatment for the anxiety and depression that come with cancer. >> from that moment, the fear of gone. >> pelley: and a new over-the-top light show at niagra falls.


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